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Mar 20, 2011 8:00am EDT
that it is a confrontation between the libyan people and america, france, and britain. and the christian pact. all the libyans women and women are ready today to be leaders. but we will be victorious. you will be defeated. >> he also said the aggressors would never lay a hand on his land or soul. this was an audio message. it is tough to independently confirm even if we do believe it's him. we didn't see him this time. >> no, we didn't. we'll be looking at that in the hours ahead. colonel gadhafi, that gee fins we heard in the face of overnight coalition strikes and activity which continue this is sunday. our cnn international correspondent is monitoring the situation. he's in libyan capital. nick is with me now. the strong comments that we hear from colonel gadhafi are nothing new. but did you see any change in tone there? >> reporter: what he is trying to do here, richard, is cast this as a crusader war, cast this as christians against muslims. what he is trying to do is rally not only his own people to him but rally regional support. and certainly these are themes that have run through the tape
Mar 27, 2011 8:00am EDT
a leg up including newt gingrich and michelle bachman who made it more of a pep rally. >> america has decided, they're in for 2012. that's my question for you to day here in iowa. are you in? are you in for 2012? are you in? are you going to make it happen? are we going to take our country back? i agree with you. i say we do. i'm in! you're in! we will take this back in 2012! >> she certainly teasing folks again with that language saying she's in for 2012. of course, many people speculating about whether or not she'll run for president. some words leaked out she could possibly establish an exploratory committee by summer time. so just teasing the media and some of her supporters there. that conference was hosted by iowa republican congressman steve king, included a panel, a discussion on the number of things including family values and health care for people. >>> geraldine ferraro, being remembered this weekend as a political trailblazer and pioneer for human and women's rights. she died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. she served in the house of representatives and was even
Mar 6, 2011 8:00am EST
. enjoy the flight. [ male announcer ] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front. adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle and pack they produce. so you can make the choice that's right for you. ♪ >>> welcome back. ten minutes past the hour. want to take you over to bonnie schneider watching some severe storms to the southeast. >> that's right. randi, we're tracking several tornados that worked their way through southwest louisiana yet. one was an ef2 tornado with winds between 100 miles an hour, unfortunately, one person was killed in that storm. now we have more extreme weather in another part of the world. you can see pictures of the debris and damage as that storm really just tore off roofs and lifted homes from their foundation, a devastating storm across the southern parishes of louisiana. i'm glad to tell you that severe weather threat has passed, but in a whole other part of the world we're tracking an earthquake that just occurred. let's zoom in to the red dot. that shows you where the earthquake was in northern c
Mar 13, 2011 8:00am EDT
] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front. adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle and pack they produce. so you can make the choice that's right for you. ♪ what's the big news in priority mail flat rate boxes and envelopes from the postal service? over a billion used. ♪ >>> now, in a disaster like we've been watching unfold in japan, words can't justify a story the way pictures can. >> no, they certainly can't. thanks to ireports we can tell you what it's like to experience an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. >> it is still going. oh, my god, the building's going to call! >> the whole ground was shaking so much. it was unreal. i can't describe it. it was -- it felt like someone was just pulling you back and forth like side to side as hard as they could. >> it just blew up. woo! this is crazy! >> you couldn't even stand up. i mean, literally, at the peak of these waves that were washing over the ground, you literally could not stay on your feet. >> we have annet earthquake. this is actually moving. can you see the cracks movin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4